Freaked out about upcoming olympiad?

January and February are the most important months for olympiad participants as in many countries first rounds take place during these months. If you did not finish to read Campbell and it is only several weeks before biology olympiad, try to calm down and do not overdo too much because you need fresh mind and good eyes for the day of olympiad.
But here are some tips that you can do to revise:

  • download this set of notes from Campbell Biology and read it.
  • download this set of questions similar to those found during olympiads from here.
  • if you do not have Campbell you can take a look at some great slides with pictures from Campbell here: or from here with more detail
  • if you do have Campbell, flick through ALL the pictures, diagrams, graphs and tables. They are ESSENTIAL.
  • also I uploaded good revision notes HERE.
  • lastly, I have prepared extensive and very comprehensive explanation sheets for all past USABO Open and Semifinal exams 2004-2014. If you are interested in purchasing them, get in touch with me

Hope this will help your revision and do not forget to bring some chocolates (or other sweets) to the venue because the brains can use only glucose (or if you were starving for some weeks, also ketone bodies) and when you work hard, you will need to replenish your resources.

Best of luck!!!