Science Bowl book list

Here is a useful list of books that will help you prepare for all sections of the Science Bowl.


1. The Living Science, Miller-Levine

2. Human Biology, Chiras

3. Biology-The Web of Life, Strauss Lisowski

4. Biology, Campbell and Reece


1. Contemporary College Physics, Jones

2. College Physics 3rd edition, Wilson

3. Conceptual Physical Science, Hewitt-Suchocki-Hewitt

4. College Physics, Serway and Faughn


1. The Harper Collins Mathematics Dictionary, E.J. Borowski & J.M Borwein

2. Calculus, Farrand Poxon

3. Physics: Algebra/Trig Hecht


1. Chemistry, Harold Nathan

2. Organic Chemistry, Frank Pellegrini

3. General Chemistry, Umland & Bellama

4. Chemistry, the Central Science, Brown Lemay and Bursten


1. Living in the Environment, G. Tyler Miller, Jr.

2. Asking about Life, Tobin & Dusheck

3. The NY Public Library Science Desk Reference, Macmillan


1. Environmental Science, Nebel Wright

2. Earth Then & Now, Montgomery – Dathe

3. Physical Geology, Mark Crawford

4. Earth Science, Tarbuck and Lutgens


1. In Quest of the Universe, Karl F. Kuhn

2. Horizons-Exploring the Universe, Michael A. Seeds

3. The Cosmic Perspective, Bennett Donahue

4. Astronomy Today, Chaisson and McMillan