Recommended chapters from key biology textbooks

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Different biology textbooks can help you prepare for the biology olympiad. However, the majority of them are over 1000-page long, meaning that you need to be selective in your choice of what to read. Below you will find a list of recommend chapters from the key biology textbooks: Vander et al.: Human Physiology: The Mechanism of Body Function, Eighth Edition …

Biology Olympiad Strategies Book

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Recently, I published my very first book, How To Prepare for the Biology Olympiad And Science Competitions. Head to Amazon to purchase either a Kindle or paperback version. In this short article, I will share a small review of what you can find in the book. Science competitions test a student’s level of knowledge, power of scientific reasoning, and analytical thinking outside …

Recommended chapters from key textbooks for the biology olympiad

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Vander et al.: Human Physiology: The Mechanism of Body Function, Eighth Edition 3 Cell Structure 7 Homeostatic Mechanisms and Cellular Communication 8 Neural Control Mechanisms 9 The Sensory Systems 10 Principles of Hormonal Control Systems 11 Muscle 12 Control of Body Movement 14 Circulation 15 Respiration 16 The Kidneys and Regulation of Water and Inorganic Ions 17 The Digestion and …

Concepts of Biology

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Are you looking a good review of biology concepts to prepare for the USA Biology Olympiad (USABO), International Biology Olympiad (IBO), Science Bowl or any other biology competition or exam, download a very useful and clear biology book which outlines the general principles and describes key concepts. Read the book here. Download for free at

Biology notes from Campbell

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Enjoy useful notes from Campbell Biology. If you are tired of reading again and again the bible of biologists, take a look at these notes. You can download  it from HERE.

Laboratory manual on biochemistry

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Here you will find a LABORATORY MANUAL on BIOCHEMISTRY. The given manual is designed according to the curriculum on biochemistry for the students of the Faculty of Overseas Admissions (general medicine and dentistry specialities). It is intended to save the student’s time and optimize their practical work. In this book you will find protocols and thus you can perform these …

Maths in Biochemistry/Biotechnology

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Below you will find a good manual for Mathematics Exercises in Biotechnology. Sample exercises and brief introduction will help you solve various mathematical problems in biology quickly and with less mistakes. Take a look! Maths in Biochemistry

Biochemistry lab manual

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I share with you Biochemistry lab manual that will help to get acquainted with basic practical skills in biochemistry lab. This course is intended to introduce you to some of the most widely used experimental procedures in biochemistry, including protein purification and characterization, enzyme assays and kinetics, and DNA isolation and manipulation. You will also gain some familiarity with some …


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Just found an amazing textbook of genetics SCHAUM’S OUTLINE OF THEORY AND PROBLEMS of GENETICS Third edition which contains both theoretical material and most important practical problems. Download it HERE.