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We are developing a Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ) based past paper system that provides an easy to use environment for students preparing for any biology olympiads. You can do tests under timed conditions and questions will come from past papers of various biology olympiads like the USABO and the IBO. You will also have an opportunity to do topic-specific practice questions such as for Plant biology or for Biochemistry.

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Are you looking for a biology tutor who has experience in the International Biology Olympiad (IBO)? Our team members has participated in at least one IBO and also successfully competed at the national level.

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Over many years we gathered many study resources, handouts, slideshows, and notes. Currently, we are updating the resource site.

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Are you looking for explanation sheets for past USABO Open and Semifinal 2004-2014 exams?

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Past papers


As the premiere biology competition for high school students in the United States since it began in 2002, the USA Biology Olympiad (USABO) enriches the life science education of nearly 10,000 talented students annually.

British Biology Olympiad (BBO)

The British Biology Olympiad (BBO) is open to students around the world. The BBO consists of two one hour multiple choice papers to be taken online under staff supervised exam conditions.

South African National Biology Olympiad

The South African National Biology Olympiad is designed for students from the South Africa and is also fully in English.


The International Biology Olympiad (IBO) is an association that organizes a yearly competition for secondary school students, who are winners of their respective National Biology Olympiad.

Indian Biology Olympiad (INBO)

The Indian Biology Olympiad takes place in India and all the papers are in English.

Toronto Biology Competition

The aim of the competition is to provide all high school students with an opportunity to test their knowledge and understanding of biology. We encourage participation of younger students, especially those in Grade 11.

Australian Science Olympiad Competition

The Australian Science Olympiad Competition is designed to challenge the brightest year 10 and 11 science students. It is the training and selection process for top performing secondary science students which culminates in the International Science Olympiads.

New Zealand International Biology Olympiad (NZIBO)

The New Zealand International Biology Olympiad is an Incorporated Society and registered with the Charities Commission.

Science Bowl

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) National Science Bowl® is a nationwide academic competition that tests students’ knowledge in all areas of science and mathematics.