If you would like to get some personal guidance and/or private tutoring classes, we offer tutoring sessions over Skype. That's right! It doesn't matter where you live because education has no boundaries! 😉

We can help you prepare for the National Biology Olympiads like USA Biology Olympiad (USABO), British Biology Olympiad (BBO), University of Toronto National Biology Competition and others. Also we can help with the Brain Bee, Science Bowl and various essay competitions. Lastly, because we have experience in  BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test) and MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), we offer tutoring for these tests as well.

National Lithuanian Biology Olympiad (LitBO) 2011, Gold
National Lithuanian Biology Olympiad (LitBO) 2012, Gold
National Lithuanian Biology Olympiad (LitBO) 2013, Gold
International Biology Olympiad (IBO) 2012, Bronze
International Biology Olympiad (IBO) 2013, Bronze
Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize 2012 (Sweden)
DNA Day 2012 Essay Competition, 1st place (Lithuania)
DNA Day 2013 Essay Competition, Award of the Rector (Lithuania)
European DNA Day 2013 Essay Competition, Vienna (Austria), Honourable Mention
Stem Cell Bank Essay Competition, 2014, 1st place (Lithuania)
UKICRS Essay Competition 2015, 1st place (UK)
UKICRS Essay Competition 2016, 1st place (UK)
L’Oréal Baltic Generosity Scholarship, 2012 (Lithuania)
‘Maxima’ Young Talent 2012, Vilnius (Lithuania)
SEB Bank Award 2013 For Best Lithuanian High School Graduates
Aberdeen Endowment Trust scholarship, 2015 (UK)
Kupcinet-Getz International Science School Scholarship, 2015 (Israel)
Coats Foundation Trust scholarship, 2016 (UK)
The Sidney Perry Foundation Educational scholarship, 2016 (UK)
 HotStart scholarship, 2016 University of Aberdeen (UK)
World Changers 2015 Innovation Challenge Best Product Idea (UK)
Converge Challenge 2016 ‘KickStart Top 30’ award (UK)
STAR award, Bronze, University of Aberdeen, 2017 (UK)
Biomedical Sciences Prize for Best Performance in Honours Exams, University of Aberdeen, 2017 (UK)
Public Engagement Bursary by the Pharmacological Society (UK)



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