Biolympiads Problem-Solving Course

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About the course

The USABO Problem-Solving Training consists of an offline video course aimed to help students prepare for the USABO Open and Semifinal exams.

The USA Biology Olympiad is the premier biology competition in the USA. The competition begins in February with the Open Exam, which is open to every high school student. The top 600 students, based on the scores on the Open Exam, are invited to the Semifinals, and the top 20 students from the Semifinals are invited to the Finals. If a student makes the USABO Semifinals or the Finals, then he or she has a legitimate claim to be one of the top 600 or top 20 biology students in America, respectively.

The goal of the Biolympiads USABO Problem-Solving Course is to prepare highly motivated students to compete in the USA Biology Olympiad. The students will learn how to solve questions efficiently and in the least amount of time. Guided by USABO Semifinalists and IBO medalists, camp participants will gain invaluable critical thinking skills and learn testtaking strategies.

The course is delivered completely offline. Students will be able to access the Teachable platform where they will find videos with step-by-step explanations of the most complicated biology olympiad questions.


Course curriculum:

The course will be divided into 3 modules:

  • Problem solving in USABO open exams
    • Around 100 USABO Open exam questions will be explained step-by-step.
  • Statistics and probabilities
    • You will learn about the most important statistical tests, descriptive statistics and probability theories for the biology olympiad. The video explanations will contain lots of practice problems to help you apply your knowledge to real biology olympiad problems.
  • Advanced problem solving, data analysis and result interpretation
    • Around 100 USABO Semifinal, IBO and advanced biology questions will be explained and solved by our tutors. This will help you learn how to interpret graphs and illustrations, analyze data and interpret results. This includes the 2021 and 2020 USABO semifinal papers.

Below is an example video:

The course is hosted on Schoology which also has a mobile app that you can download from


Here are some screenshots from Schoology:


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