How to prepare for biology olympiad?

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Bellow you can find my selected pieces of advice how to efficiently study for biology olympiads.   1. The most effective resources for studying are the ones you created yourself. So try to make notes! My personal advice is to draw as many diagrams, graphs, scientific drawings of plants and small invertebrates as you can because in this way you …

Biology olympiads: Myths and Reality

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Many young students face difficulty when preparing for the International Biology Olympiad (IBO). So I will try to dispel some myths about the IBO and also provide some useful pieces of advice how to succeed. So let‘s get started: If you cram all Campbell Biology, you will win a gold medal. Definitely not true. I heard something about few guys …

INBO 2009

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  In this section you will find problems from Indian National Biology Olympiad 2009. Enjoy! INBO-2009 INBO-2009sol