Plant physiology and anatomy links

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General Information Biological Diversity: Nonvascular and Nonseed Vascular Plants: Indepth study guide with review questions and links on the plants. A Beginner’s Guide to the Study of Plant Structure by Edward C. Yeung: PDF of description and examples of botanical microtechniques. Raven Biology of Plants by Evert and Eichhorn: Excellent resource. Check online for copies. Checklist of Vegetation and Plant Distribution …


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The floral diagram is always drawn circular in outline. The different floral whorls are represented in concentric circles, the sepals on the outermost circle, then the petals, the stamens and carpels towards the inner side. The first step to draw a floral diagram is to examine mature floral buds which are due to open shortly but have not yet opened. …

Plantae: Bryophytes & Vascular Plants

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The Kingdom Plantae represents an extremely large group of mostly terrestrial organisms that are photosynthetic. Hence they provide the base of the food chain for most terrestrial ecosystems. Members of this group have ancestral ties to the Chlorophyta (Green Algae), and like them, plants have chlorophylls a and b, carotenoids, store food as starch, and have cellulose cell walls. Many …


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Phytochromes are important pigments for plant growth and flowering. Below you will find a concise outline of the mechanism of action and effects of phytochromes. Big thanks to

Plant diversity

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Here you will find a quick review of plants: from tracheophytes to angiosperms. Big thanks to

Plant biology: stems

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Plant stems are one of the major organs required for long-distance transport of water and biomolecules. In the outline below you will learn about different types and features of stems. Big thanks to

Botany: Stele types

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In a vascular plant, the stele is the central part of the root or stem containing the tissues derived from the procambium. These include vascular tissue, in some cases ground tissue (pith) and a pericycle, which, if present, defines the outermost boundary of the stele. In other words, vascular bundle or the stele consists of three tissues: the pericycle, the …

Plant biodiversity

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A brief outline of main characteristics of land plants and their adaptations to their living environment. Big thanks to

Plant responses

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Plants have many adaptations to respond to their environment in order to successfully live. Here you will find some of these plant responses. Big thanks to

Dicot and monoct root anatomy

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Below you will find some notes with cross sections of dicot and monocot roots. Quite often you may be asked to make a cross section and view it under the microscope during olympiad and then answer the questions associated with your sample. Big thanks to

Dicot and monocot leaves

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Below you will find some notes with cross sections of dicot and monocot leaves. Quite often you may be asked to make a cross section and view it under the microscope during olympiad and then answer the questions associated with your sample.

Floral formulas and diagrams

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Recently, tasks asking for floral formulas and diagrams appear more often in olympiads. Below you will find some notes on flowers. Also I compiled a slide show Here you will find digital flower website. Take a look! Bellow there is an introduction to floral diagrams: All you need to know about flowers and inflorescences: Big thanks to Big thanks to …

Plant tissues

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  In this lecture you will learn about plant tissues. The first slideshow depicts the main plant tissues: Here you can find some good notes about plant tissues.

Plant reproduction

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In this lesson you will learn how plants reproduce and what structures are involved in this process. Below you can find a great presentation notes: Asexual plant reproduction: Big thanks to

Plant Structure and Development

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Today I would like you familiarize yourself with Plant Structure and Development provided by It is an astounding lab manual about various plant structures so read carefully.

Plant movements

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It is very important to know the main plant movements in biology olympiads. Below you can find quite good notes concerning plant movements provided by For visual information, take a look at amazing plant movement videos here. Here you can find great videos, too.

Monocots vs Dicots

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It is of paramount importance to be able to differentiate between various angiosperms in olympiads. Not only classification, but also anatomical structure is needed to know. So below you can find a brief introduction to monocots and dicots. Next, underneath you can find quite a good slide show about differences between monocots and dicots.   Take a look here at …

Plant physiology and reproduction

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Recently I have found an amazing website for visual info concerning plants. Take a look here. Besides read through the notes below before every olympiad so that you can be sure you understand plant physiology. Big thanks to