Most Useful Biological Prefixes and Suffixes for the Biology Olympiad

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Students preparing for the biology olympiad should be able to recognize word parts since they often give a clue as to the meaning of a word. Science terminology is predominately based on the Latin and Greek languages. Thus, compiled a list of the most common word parts which are common in biology. Prefix Meaning Example A a-, an- not, …

International Biology Olympiad 2019

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This year’s International Biology Olympiad will take place between 14th and 21st of July 2019 in Szeged, Hungary. The official website of the competition is About the exams As usual the questions in the IBO will be based on scientific reasoning, thinking skills, analysis of laboratory data, hypothesis testing etc. The theory exam will be comprised of 2 test papers. Each …

Amino acid mnemonics for the biology olympiad

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MNEMONICS FOR AMINO ACID PROPERTIES GLAMVIP = nonpolar, they’re fabulous so they like to stay inside (hydrophobic) – Glycine, Leucine, Alanine, Methionine, Valine, Isoleucine, Proline CSy-TAG – like cyborg, charged – Cysteine, Serine, Threonine, Asparagine, Glutamine Acidic, there’s only 2 – Glutamate, Aspartate Basic – HALelujiah – Histidine, Arginine, Lysine Aromatic – PfTT, since they smell – Phenylalanine, Tyrosine, Tryptophan …

Two months before USABO: What should I study?

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The USA Biology Olympiad (USABO) will be administered from 5th to 15th of February, 2019. With only 2 months left, there many things that you can do to increase your chances of succes. USABO Exam Question Format   Teacher Resource Center (TRC) The TRC is dynamic. Once your school has completed the registration process and payment has been received, please …

How to manage your time when preparing for the biology olympiad?

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Usually, we start preparing for the biology olympiad in 11th grade. I guess it’s because thisis when we start thinking about our future. Admit it! That’s when you’re looking for any way tomake your curriculum vitae (a.k.a. résumé) and personal statement look good, as applications to universities are looming on the horizon. But hey – it’s not your fault. Why …

Recommended chapters from key biology textbooks

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Different biology textbooks can help you prepare for the biology olympiad. However, the majority of them are over 1000-page long, meaning that you need to be selective in your choice of what to read. Below you will find a list of recommend chapters from the key biology textbooks: Vander et al.: Human Physiology: The Mechanism of Body Function, Eighth Edition …

Biology Olympiad Strategies Book

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Recently, I published my very first book, How To Prepare for the Biology Olympiad And Science Competitions. Head to Amazon to purchase either a Kindle or paperback version. In this short article, I will share a small review of what you can find in the book. Science competitions test a student’s level of knowledge, power of scientific reasoning, and analytical thinking outside …

How to prepare for the IBO 2018?

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The International Biology Olympiad (IBO) is a yearly Biology competition for secondary school students, who are winners of their respective National Biology Olympiad. Their skills in tackling biological problems, and dealing with biological experiments are tested. For a successful performance interest in biology, inventiveness, creativity and perseverance are necessary. IBO gathers young people from over the world in an open, …

Virtual Laboratory Exercises

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Here are some useful links to find some simulations of lab experiments. Keep in mind that in the biology olympiad, practical skills are very important so don’t ignore it!

Summer research internships

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If you are wondering how to prepare for the biology practical exam, this article is for you. No matter whether you are preparing for the USA Biology Olympiad (USABO), International Biology Olympiad (IBO), British Biology Olympiad (BBO) or any other competition, the practical part of the competition might be a killer so read on and you will find some tips …

Dilutions: Explanations and Examples of Common Methods

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There are many ways of expressing concentrations and dilution. Using C1V1 = C2V2 To make a fixed amount of a dilute solution from a stock solution, you can use the formula: C1V1 = C2V2 where: V1 = Volume of stock solution needed to make the new solution C1 = Concentration of stock solution V2 = Final volume of new solution C2 = Final concentration of new solution …

How to get ready for the USABO Semifinals 2018

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Congratulations to everyone who qualified for the USABO Semifinals 2018! Congratulations to all of those who did not qualify, too – you did a great job and gained a lot of experience for the following years! Keep up the good work and you will qualify next year. 😉 Many students are wondering what the best way to prepare for the …

Key diagrams for biology olympiad

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The phenomenon of RNA interference (RNAi) which involves sequence-specific gene regulation by small non-coding RNAs, i.e., small interfering RNA (siRNA) and microRNA (miRNA) has emerged as one of most powerful approaches for crop improvement.

Plant physiology and anatomy links

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General Information Biological Diversity: Nonvascular and Nonseed Vascular Plants: Indepth study guide with review questions and links on the plants. A Beginner’s Guide to the Study of Plant Structure by Edward C. Yeung: PDF of description and examples of botanical microtechniques. Raven Biology of Plants by Evert and Eichhorn: Excellent resource. Check online for copies. Checklist of Vegetation and Plant Distribution …