How to prepare for USABO 2024 Semifinals

martyna p Competitions


Congratulations to everyone who qualified for the USABO Semifinals 2024! \*V*/

Congratulations to all of those who did not qualify, too – you did a great job and gained a lot of experience for the following years! Keep up the good work and you will qualify next year. 😉

Many students are wondering what the best way to prepare for the USABO semifinals is. To those who are trying to prepare for semis, keep in mind an important date: April 4, 2024. This means you’ve got only a few weeks and your preparation should be very focussed. I am sharing the key pointers to peprare successfully.

  1. I put together a folder with the key materials for semifinals. You can download it here, but I warn you it’s massive!
    1. Review SOLVED MIT OCW exams and assignments.
    2. Review textbook notes.
    3. Study those topics that are hard for you and put less emphasis on those which are easier for you.
    4. Cram Campbell illustrations. 
  2. Check our problem-solving camp for extra skills in stats, maths, and critical thinking. 
  3. Focus only on the key chapters from textbooks Don’t just waste time reading everything. 
  4. Instead of working on full textbooks, review only textbook notes at I uploaded many of them on Google Drive because external websites usually remove their materials after some time. So some links may be broken. 
  5. Do past semifinal exams from 2012 upwards. Older exams are of a different style and will be less useful. 
  6. Consider joining our USABO Semifinals Bootcamp in which we will teach you how to answer USABO semifinal questions fast and effectively. We will analyze USABO 2018-2021 exams in addition to some extra USABO-style questions. The details about the Bootcamp are here
  7. Review our WORKED SOLUTIONS for USABO semifinals at We ship hard copies, so order early!

May your knowledge of biology be as unshakeable as the bond between avidin and biotin!

Make your understanding of biological complexities as deep-rooted as the mycorrhizal symbiosis between fungi and plant roots! 

 Let your approach to USABO preparation be as systematic as a PCR protocol, amplifying your understanding with each question tackled!

Keep pushing boundaries and expanding your horizons like a population undergoing natural selection!

Don’t give up!

With DNA helix hugs,

Nerdus biolympiadicus