US Medicine and Disease Olympiad 2024

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US Medicine and Disease Olympiad

The USMDO, the US Medicine and Disease Olympiad, is America’s qualifying competition for the IMDO, the International Medicine and Disease Olympiad. The first USMDO was held in 2022 and qualified 8 students for the 2022 IMDO, almost all of whom won gold medals at the international competition. The third annual USMDO will take place on Saturday, 8/11/2024.

The USMDO consists of one online exam that tests knowledge in the following three general areas of medicine-related Biology: 1) Cell Biology and Genetics, 2) Human Physiology, 3) Human Disease. The exam contains 160 multiple-choice questions, to be finished within 2 hours. Participants have a 12-hour exam period to login and begin taking the exam. This ensures that all US students who wish to compete in the USMDO can participate, regardless of their location in the world.​

The USMDO is open to all high school students interested in human biology, medicine, health, and disease. It is a great competition for those students who are considering careers in biomedical sciences and healthcare.


Registration for the 2024 USMDO

The 2024 USMDO will take place on 8/11/2024


USMDO Training Camp 2024

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👩‍⚕️ Calling all aspiring young minds and their supportive parents! Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey into the world of medicine? Look no further than our Introductory Medicine Training Course!

🏫 Designed for high school students worldwide, this immersive course is the perfect stepping stone towards a fulfilling career in medicine. Imagine the possibilities as your child delves into the fascinating realms of human anatomy and physiology, guided by seasoned experts in the field.

📚 Over the course of several months, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of essential medical concepts . 

🏅 And here’s the exciting part – our course isn’t just about learning; it’s about reaching for the stars! By enrolling in our program, students position themselves for success in prestigious competitions like the USA Medicine and Disease Olympiad (USMDO) and the International Medicine and Disease Olympiad (IMDO)

The Introductory Medicine Training Course focuses on introducing medicine to any interested high school students with the aim of inspiring the young learners to pursue a medical career. The course is designed for any student from around the world. This course is an excellent springboard for USA Medicine and Disease Olympiad (USMDO) and International Medicine and Disease Olympiad (IMDO).


Students will receive access to resources which include:

  • Lecture recordings 
  • Handouts for each lesson
  • Class presentations
  • Weekly worksheets

Duration: from May to August 2024

Schedule (the classes will be held on weekdays and weekends!) – The timings still need to be confirmed by all registered students

Class time: variable

Course start date: the next batch is planned to start in May 2024

Course textbooks:

  • Costanzo Physiology by Linda S Costanzo
  • BRS Physiology (Board Review Series)
  • Anatomy and Physiology by OpenStax
  • Vander’s Human physiology

Every week, students will cover 2-4 chapters from this book. Each class is accompanied by homework. 


If you decide to sign up and if you still have not filled in the Google form, please do it here

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at or on Facebook: