New Zealand Biology Olympiad 2008

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In this section you will find problems from New Zealand Biology Olympiad 2008. 2008 Entrance Exam Q1-22 2008 Entrance Exam Q22-40 2008 Entrance Exam Q41-61 2008 Entrance Exam Q62-80

My experience in the IBO

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  City centre, Singapore I was in the IBO twice representing Lithuania (a small country in Eastern Europe) in 2012 (Singapore) and 2013 (Switzerland) where both times I won a bronze medal. To be perfectly honest with you guys, it was the best experience I had ever had in my life. Singapore was one of the first countries that I …

What to read to succeed?

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Many of young avid students wonder what the best resources are out there to prepare for the IBO, USABO, etc. There is no single answer, however, I will try to outline the best books from my own personal experience. It is not a secret that the Bible of Biology is “Campbell Biology“. It is a good book and covers all fundamental …