MCR Biology contest

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Hello everyone,

Medicine Community & Research, a 501c3 student led non-profit organization, is excited to announce the MCR Biology contest sponsored by Biolympiads!

This contest is designed for elementary and middle school students passionate about biology! Elementary and Middle School students will participate in different divisions of the competition to ensure fairness.

The contest questions will focus on eukaryotic cell biology and human anatomy and physiology. You can find the curriculum and helpful resources at this link:

Register at this link:

Here are some more key details about the contest:

Online Format: The competition will take place entirely online using an online testing platform.

Date: The contest will take place on June 22nd.

Registration Fee:

There is a $5 registration fee to participate in the contest. The fee is necessary to cover the costs associated with running the competition. Any additional funds collected will be saved for future events hosted by MCR.

If the registration fee is a barrier for your child’s participation, please let us know, and we will waive the fee.

You can pay the registration fee by donating the $5 fee at this link: Give to Medicine Community & Research – HCB (Give to Medicine Community & Research – HCB ( In the message section of the donation page please write “[your child’s first and last name] – MCRBC” so we know who this registration fee is for.


The top 3 students in the middle school division and top 2 students in the elementary school division will receive amazon gift cards. The top 20 students will receive a free copy of the book “How to Prepare For The Biology Olympiad And Science Competitions” thanks to our sponsor, Biolympiads!

Elementary Division:

Exam Type: A multiple-choice exam with 30 questions.

Topics: The exam questions will focus on eukaryotic cell biology and human biology.

Middle School Division:

Exam Type: A 50 minute exam with 40 questions (MCQ and FRQ style questions)

Topics: The questions will cover eukaryotic cell biology and human biology.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact!