Mechanism of Enzyme Action

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Learn about the mechanisms of enzyme action. Here you will find some basic principles of bioenergetics, too.

Cells and Tissues

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In multicellular organisms, tissues are organized entities of cells that work together to carry out a particular function. The main role of a tissue in an organism depends on what types of cells it contains. In these slideshows you will learn more about cells, tissues and different compartments in a body. Materials/Ch3 compartments & cellsf07.ppt lectures Class/03_lect modified.ppt

Plant responses

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Plants have many adaptations to respond to their environment in order to successfully live. Here you will find some of these plant responses.

USABO Open Exam Past Papers

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Here you will find quick links where you can download the past papers of the USABO.   USABO Open Exam 2003 USABO Open Exam 2003 Answer Key USABO Open Exam 2004 USABO Open Exam 2004 Answer Key USABO Open Exam 2005 USABO Open Exam 2005 Answer Key USABO Open Exam 2006 USABO Open Exam 2006 Answer Key USABO Open Exam …

Freaked out about upcoming olympiad?

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January and February are the most important months for olympiad participants as during these months in many countries the first rounds of the biology olympiad take place. If you did not finish to read Campbell and if only several weeks are left before the biology olympiad, first BREATHE. Calm down and do not overdo too much in the last few …

Animal ecology

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An extensive guide to animal ecology. 313 ANIMAL ECOLOGY corrected.pdf

Logistic growth curve

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Introduction to logistic growth curve.

Integration of Metabolism

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Almost all you need to know about major processes in metabolism:1. Glycolysis2. Gluconeogenesis3. Glycogen Metabolism4. Fatty Acid Metabolism5. Citric Acid Cycle6. Oxidative Phosphorylation7. Amino Acid Metabolism

Epistatic interactions

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Another useful and concise introduction to epistatic interactions.

Genetic data analysis

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Do not know how to solve genetics problems? Take a look at this step-by-step guide on genetic data analysis.

Nervous system notes

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Here you will find a useful outline of key points in nervous system functioning and action potential generation.

Immunology notes

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Please find very useful  immunology notes which will help you answer most of the questions about this topic during olympiads. Big thanks to

Immunoglobulin biosynthesis

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Here you will find a concise explanation of some important immunology concepts.

How to solve IBO 2012 problems? Part I.

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From today I will start a cycle of short tutorials how to solve past IBO problems using the real examples from past papers and sharing my approach to coming to the right answer. I hope this will be useful for you ;->. Below you will find the first part of some problems from IBO 2012 Theory part A. Shortly I …

Tricarboxylic acid cycle

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In this tutorial you will find a great outline of main events occurring during tricarbocylic, or citric, acid cycle. Please go to the original source here and look for a document under the name Citric Acid Cycle for ppt file with COMMENTS. Enjoy! ;->