Plant biology links

Plant anatomy and physiology links

Animations for photosynthesis

(can also be found using Google keywords animation photosynthesis)

Photosynthesis McGraw-Hill

Has both audio and video of light dependent reactions of photosynthesis illustrating both cyclic and noncyclic pathways. The two animations available, “Cyclic and Noncyclic Photophosphorylation” and

“Photosynthetic Electron Transport and ATP Synthesis” are good and both should be observed although some of the information given will be repetitive.

Authorware Photosynthesis Tutorial Taylor University

This site is somewhat slow and requires several steps to get to the videos. Once accessed, the animations require click-by-click steps to walk through the process. However, text, video and some audio is presented. It is the only site I found that shows a good animation of the Calvin cycle even if it is referred to as the “Dark reaction.”

Botany flashcards:

The entire site is excellent, but the flashcards provide an extensive set of review questions on the topic of choice.


Go to the Plantae Taxon (or is it Taxa?) with any questions.

The pictures are excellent, the explanations are brief and there are extensive links to morphology, systematics and ecology for each phyla – if the students wishes to do further exploration.

Methods in Plant Biology Web Sites

An online journal. Is there an article that you want the students to read?

Leads you to numerous sites on methods and techniques


Introductory lesson on Ethnobotany. The Classification of Plants section probably gives a student the basics of ethnobotany in a single page. Additional details are not required for USA Biology Olympiad.

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