9th Annual Upper Valley Brain Bee

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The registration for the Upper Valley Brain Bee is now open!

Here’s going to be the format for this year’s test:

Start time, 11am EST

Part 1. Written Questions

This consists of 1-page document containing 15 questions. The answers will either be true/false or fill-in-the-blank. This will be a google form, and you will have 20 minutes to complete this part. 

Part 2. Neuroanatomy Practical

This consists of 12 pictures in which you will need to identify a specific structure. The pictures will be on a google form, and there will be space to fill out your answers near the picture on the same google form. You will also have 20 minutes to complete this part. 

Part 3. Case-Based Diagnosis

This consists of 10 scenarios of medical issues that you will need to diagnose. We will screenshare with you videos of scripted doctor-patient interactions, and you will have access to a separate google form where you can write down what you think the medical condition is. You will have 20 minutes to complete this part, with each scene being 1 minute long, so you will have 1 minute in between each scene to think about your answer. Students are encouraged to take notes since we cannot go back to previous videos once the time for that scenario is over.

From here, we will take a break for Lunch and so that our volunteers can grade the different sections. 5 participants with the highest scores will be called back to our lightning round.

Start time, 2pm EST

Part 4. Lightning Round

This consists of the top 5 students answering questions from a variety of topics that will get harder as the round progresses. There will be a panel to judge whether the question is correct or incorrect. The students will have 30 seconds to answer each question. The students are allowed one freebie in which students can get one question wrong and still move onto the next round but will be eliminated at the next round during which they provide an incorrect answer. If, in a given round, multiple students eliminate themselves with so that there is no single student still remaining, the students who eliminated themselves in that specific round can participate in the next round. Students from previously eliminated rounds will not be able to join back in. This will happen until there is a clear 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner. 

For this test students will need- access to a computer and to the “zoom” app which we will use to share videos and other items. Students will also need to use an email to access google files.  Additionally, the students will be required to have their mics and their cameras on during the first three parts. During the lightning round, the students will be required to also have their mics and cameras on, but they will also be required to stand back so that we can see their upper body (arms and hands).

How to register

Registration is now open on the website, https://uvbrainb.wixsite.com/neuroscience/2021-bee. Please email  elizabeth.a.bien.gr@dartmouth.edu if you have any questions!

Good luck to all!