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Recently, I published my very first book, How To Prepare for the Biology Olympiad And Science Competitions. Head to Amazon to purchase either a Kindle or paperback version. In this short article, I will share a small review of what you can find in the book.

Science competitions test a student’s level of knowledge, power of scientific reasoning, and analytical thinking outside of the regular school curriculum. A systematic approach and smart study regimen are both required to get good results in science competitions. This is where my book comes into the picture. 😉

In this book, you will find many tips and tricks for how to study and prepare for science olympiads. Moreover, you will learn how to:

• boost your motivation

• cope with failures and anxiety before the tests

• defeat procrastination

• manage your time

• memorize information quicker and more effectively

• organize your study material

• read a science textbook

• plan your study schedule

• develop practical skills

• get into and survive in the lab.

Furthermore, you will find essential test-taking strategies for tackling the olympiad exams and example-based tips on how to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Below you will find a Table of Contents:

Acknowledgments i

1  Introduction 1

2  Glossary 3

3  About the international biology olympiad 5

4  Motivation 8

5  Defeat procrastination 12

6  Time management 18

7  Test anxiety 24

8  Learning styles 30

9  Memorization techniques 33

10  Cramming 46

11  Organizing your study material 50

12  Note taking tips 53

13  Critical thinking skills 59

14  Problem solving skills 63

15  Test taking techniques 78

16  Reading a biology textbook 86

17  So where to start? 92

18  Study plan 99

19  Must know biology topics 109

20  Chemistry and physics in the biology olympiad 116

21  Math skills in biology olympiads 118

22  Developing practical skills 125

23  How to get into a lab 129

24  Surviving in the lab 138

25  How to deal with failures 142

26  My experience in biology olympiads 148

27  Beyond the biology olympiad 155

28  Only for teachers 159

29  To the parents 162

30  Links 166

31  Final remarks 167

32  References 169

33  About the author 171

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