International Biology Olympiad 2019

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This year’s International Biology Olympiad will take place between 14th and 21st of July 2019 in Szeged, Hungary. The official website of the competition is

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About the exams

As usual the questions in the IBO will be based on scientific reasoning, thinking skills, analysis of laboratory data, hypothesis testing etc.

The theory exam will be comprised of 2 test papers. Each will have 50 problems and 180 min to complete the test. The exam will be paper based. The types of questions will be TRUE/FALSE, calculations and MCQs.

Practical exam

There will be 4 practical tests:

Bioinformatics and Neurobiology (editing DNA sequences, designing PCR primers, virtual cloning, alignment – DNA/protein sequences, creating molecular phylogenetic tree, interpreting protein features, interpreting experimental data, hypothesis stating and testing)

Plant biology (systematics, physiology, ecology)

Animal and Human Biology

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

IBO 2019 Welcome video

More details:

Instagram: 30th_ibo