Gene linkage and genetic mapping

Here you will find some good stuff about gene linkage and genetic mapping. Take a careful look at how genetic maps are made as well as practice genetics problems at the end.   A very useful tutorial of genetic linkage and mapping here: Below you will find practice problems with answers More practice will never do you bad: As previously …

Bacterial count

Today it’s time to learn about bacterial counts. Amazing tutorial can be found here and I compiled that information into a slide show: You can also find an amazing tutorial here. Below you find lab report from microbiology laboratory. Another one is beneath, too: One slideshow: Finally, a good slideshow should consolidate your knowledge: Big thanks to, and …

Using logarithmic graph paper

During my preparation for the IBO, a few times I encountered problems with graphs depicted on logarithmic or semi-logarithmic paper. Thus, I share with you a tutorial how to use this paper. Keep checking this or any other of my posts because they are constantly updated with new information. Some good practical examples of log graphs: Big thanks to

Antibiotic Sensitivity

In this section you fill find out about antibiotic sensitivity in bacterial cultures. Y  


  Today I would like to introduce a very important point in practical part of biology olympiad. In various experiments you need to make dilutions in order to get results. So if you want to understand and learn how to make either simple or serial dilutions, read carefully the documents below. Good luck!       Also, a good tutorial …