European DNA Day Video/Essay Contest 2021

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14th Annual European DNA Day Essay and Video Contest for High School Students

What is the DNA DAY Essay Contest?

The structure of the DNA double helix was unraveled over sixty years ago! DNA Day, April 25, is now commemorated internationally as a celebration of Genetics and its promises. For the eighth year, the European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG), will be sponsoring a DNA Day Essay contest in European high schools. Once again we will partner with the American Society of Human Genetics in this initiative; using similar essay questions, thus allowing a better assessment of knowledge and perspectives on genetics among students from both continents.

The essay contest is meant as a learning tool and a means to promote knowledge of genetics within Europe. It intends to challenge students to examine, question and reflect on the importance and social implications of genetic research and its applications. Essays are expected to contain substantive, well-reasoned arguments indicative of a depth of understanding of the issues addressed by the selected essay question.

Topic 2021

‘We can now sequence the genome of all life forms, from viruses to humans. What could be the point of this?’

Write an essay /or shoot a video that starts with “I propose to sequence the genome of … because …”. Think about the benefits and consequences for science and society.

Two Formats of Submission

  • Written essay (max 750 words)
  • 3 minute video


First Place Winner: EUR 300
In addition, sponsoring teachers of first place students will receive EUR 1.000 to organise a science project.

Second Place Winner: EUR 200
In addition, sponsoring teachers of first place students will receive EUR 800 to organise a science project.

Third Place Winner: EUR 100
In addition, sponsoring teachers of first place students will receive EUR 500 to organise a science project.

All participants will receive a certificate of appreciation for their participation in the contest.

Special Dates

November 13 Submissions opens
April 25 Deadline for the submission to the European Society of Human Genetics
April 25 DNA DAY
End of May/Beginning of June Essay contest winners will be announced

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