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Our conferences consists of debates, workshops, seminars and competitions tailored to expose high school students to pioneering researchinspiring projects, as well as unique STEM ideas and career insights.

These sessions that students sign up to according to their interests and time zones, includes sessions with top professionals and other passionate STEM students. Subjects include, but not limited to Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Computer science, and Medicine.

We hope to inspire more young scientists to go into STEM and STEM research by providing an accessible platform with opportunities, resources, and ways of engagement with the community.

Before the competition, every student would sign up to sessions that would interest them and would suit their schedule.

There will be sessions that are more lecture based, such as some academic seminars and career talks, while others would allow more student interaction, such as bioethics debates and Q&A sessions, some sessions will also be student led and we also provide opportunities for everyone to apply to share their experiences, research or projects in STEM!

For teachers, we are also developing learning resources for students to make the most out of the conference. For more information see our “For Teachers” tab.

Speak, debate, and share your projects!

Apply to be a speaker as well as register your team for our limited debate spots as a student! 

We encourage critical thinking regarding policy and philosophy within the context of STEM! 

Email for more information and to register

Debates would be formatted as a modified British Parliamentary format with four speeches and four speakers per team, each with a speaking time of 7 minutes with POI. There will also be 16 minutes of the audience questioning each team before the last speech

October 2021 debate topics:

Bioethics: THW legalize the use of embryonic STEM cells in general medical treatments

Physics: This house would direct all research funding towards space exploration.

Computer science: This house would give robots and AI the same rights as humans.

Climate science: This house as the UN, would force countries and corporations to pay a carbon tax proportional to their environmental impact measured with pollution, greenhouse gas emission…etc.

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