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Are you exploring careers in health? Or STEM, but with a focus on health? Then you’ve come to the right place! GloCon is a student-led conference, aiming to introduce eager youth to the field of global health. If you’re like us – you’re considering a career in health, you’re exploring different options, you have an innovative mindset, and you want to change the world someday – join us on October 28th, Friday, at 8 am for the big event, where we’ll be exploring the wide range of opportunities in global health during a series of talks and interviews with our expert speakers. The topics of our discussions will include: the perspectives of global health; one of its STEM subfields – genetics and diagnostics; hard and rewarding work in low-income communities; the challenges in public health, specifically the practice of it and promotion to society, and more! Our speakers work at leading institutions, and they’ll be sure to share some career tips during the conference. Prepare your questions in advance, as we’ll be going through an intensive Q&A session after the talks! Our speaker list is now available on our page, so you can brainstorm speaker-specific questions.

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