The IYNA Summer camp

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We are very excited to announce our upcoming Introduction to Neuroscience 2022 Summer Course! 

This program will be a live, free introductory course available for all students. Participation in the course includes watching and participating in live lectures from accredited professionals, discussions and workshops with TAs, and lively engagement with like-minded peers and lovers of neuroscience! 

There are several important positions open regarding the summer course. Spots are open for Teaching Assistants (TAs), Content Developers, and Participants. TA applications are due by May 5th; content developer applications are due by May 10th; participant applications are due by May 10th.  

For Participants: please note that we can only offer this course to 300 students. Applications will not be accepted on a first-come-first serve basis; every student has an equal opportunity to be accepted to our summer course. As such, remember to keep your application responses thoughtful. Further information about all positions and applications can be found within this form.

Please keep in mind that all application forms are binding.  For questions regarding participation in the summer course, please email