The results of the International Biology Olympiad have been announced

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The International Biology Olympiad (IBO) is the final stage of the Biology Olympiad in which the national winners of local olympiads compete among themselves. Due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, the 32nd International Biology Olympiad in Lisbon/Portugal has been cancelled. 

The IBO 2021 competition was expected to take place in Lisbon, Portugal this year, but instead it was online in the format of the IBO Challenge. 279 students from 72 countries participated in the international competition. 

The IBO Challenge consisted of two computer-based exams: one practical and one theoretical exam, each for three hours. The exam had 8 parts, each of which focused on one spot of Magellan expedition in different parts of the world. It consisted of questions covering areas such as plant biology, zoology, ecology and biotechnology.

The results can be found here 

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The IBO 2022 is scheduled to take place between 10-18 July 2022 at Yerevan State University in Armenia.