USABO Problem Solving Camp

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Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay

The USABO Problem Solving Camp consists of 1 week of intensive training to prepare students for the USABO Open 2021 exam.

The USA Biology Olympiad is the premier biology competition in the USA. The competition begins in February with the Open Exam, which is open to every high school student. The top 600 students, based on the scores on the Open Exam, are invited to the Semifinals, and the top 20 students from the Semifinals are invited to the Finals. If a student makes the USABO Semifinals or the Finals, then he or she has a legitimate claim to be one of the top 600 or top 20 biology students in America, respectively.
The goal of the Biolympiads USABO Problem Solving Camp is to prepare highly motivated students to compete in the USA Biology Olympiad. The students will learn how to solve questions efficiently and in the least amount of time. Guided by USABO Semifinalists and IBO medalists, camp participants will gain invaluable critical thinking skills and learn test-taking strategies.
Duration: 1 week
Schedule: 2 hrs every day
Course cost: $500
Course date: Monday 28 December, 2020 – Sunday 3 January, 2021

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