Study Schedule

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A useful study schedule to guide you through the books. It includes the reading guide for these books: Campbell BiologyCampbell BiologyRaven’s Biology of PlantsBrooker’s GenteticsSherwood Human PhysiologyBiochemistry by Richard HarveyIntegrated Principles of Zoology, 11th Edition, Hickman et al. Vander’s Human Biology Biology Olympiad Study Schedule

Olympiad Testing Tactics

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Testing Tactics Getting the correct answer, even when you know nothing, is one of the defining skills of the academic champion. The rest of this book is about developing your knowledge. This chapter is about what to do when things go wrong. You’ll encounter questions you can’t answer throughout the rest of the book. Treat them as practice. While knowing …

Before the International Biology Olympiad (IBO) 2017

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This year the International Biology Olympiad (IBO) will begin on Sunday 23rd July at the University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom. For Practical exams, HERE you can find a list of useful techniques for the olympiad. Check if you know all of them and if not, Google  it and familiarize with them. The Official IBO guide can be found HERE. Also check …

Last minute top TIPS before biology olympiad 2017

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  Hello everyone,   Every January and February all students are relentlessly trying to study for an upcoming biology olympiad. No matter where you are in the world, all feel (and I felt) the same as you. Today is more than 6 years since I sat my first biology olympiad and I clearly remember how nervous I was since my …

Concepts of Biology

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Are you looking a good review of biology concepts to prepare for the USA Biology Olympiad (USABO), International Biology Olympiad (IBO), Science Bowl or any other biology competition or exam, download a very useful and clear biology book which outlines the general principles and describes key concepts. Read the book here. Download for free at

Freaked out about upcoming biology olympiad?

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January and February are the most important months for olympiad participants as in many countries first rounds take place during these months. If you did not finish to read Campbell and it is only several weeks before biology olympiad, try to calm down and do not overdo too much because you need fresh mind and good eyes for the day …

Freaked out about upcoming olympiad?

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January and February are the most important months for olympiad participants as during these months in many countries the first rounds of the biology olympiad take place. If you did not finish to read Campbell and if only several weeks are left before the biology olympiad, first BREATHE. Calm down and do not overdo too much in the last few …

FAQ about biology olympiads

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Hi guys, Most of new students do not know much about how to take place in biology olympiad or what to read or etc. Here I will try to answer as many questions as I can and if you do not find anything, just leave a comment bellow. So let’s get started. What is the IBO? The International Biology Olympiad …

Biology notes from Campbell

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Enjoy useful notes from Campbell Biology. If you are tired of reading again and again the bible of biologists, take a look at these notes. You can download  it from HERE.

Laboratory manual on biochemistry

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Here you will find a LABORATORY MANUAL on BIOCHEMISTRY. The given manual is designed according to the curriculum on biochemistry for the students of the Faculty of Overseas Admissions (general medicine and dentistry specialities). It is intended to save the student’s time and optimize their practical work. In this book you will find protocols and thus you can perform these …

Maths in Biochemistry/Biotechnology

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Below you will find a good manual for Mathematics Exercises in Biotechnology. Sample exercises and brief introduction will help you solve various mathematical problems in biology quickly and with less mistakes. Take a look! Maths in Biochemistry

Biochemistry lab manual

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I share with you Biochemistry lab manual that will help to get acquainted with basic practical skills in biochemistry lab. This course is intended to introduce you to some of the most widely used experimental procedures in biochemistry, including protein purification and characterization, enzyme assays and kinetics, and DNA isolation and manipulation. You will also gain some familiarity with some …

Study on the Fly!

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If you are tired of reading a pile of biology textbooks, I suggest you taking a break and trying alternative ways of learning. I just found amazing records of Raven Biology HERE that allow you to study anytime whether you are driving to work, exercising at the gym, or walking to class. Students with portable media players (iPod® and other …

Mnemonics for studying

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As I mentioned in previous post about tips and tricks, I promised to post some good websites to find biological mnemonics.Here are a list: Try this Some are here Very useful ones can be found here Also here There more interesting pages, however, I would suggest to search having a topic in mind for example glycolysis enzymes mnemonic or Krebs …


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Just found an amazing textbook of genetics SCHAUM’S OUTLINE OF THEORY AND PROBLEMS of GENETICS Third edition which contains both theoretical material and most important practical problems. Download it HERE.

How to prepare for biology olympiad?

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Bellow you can find my selected pieces of advice how to efficiently study for biology olympiads.   1. The most effective resources for studying are the ones you created yourself. So try to make notes! My personal advice is to draw as many diagrams, graphs, scientific drawings of plants and small invertebrates as you can because in this way you …

Biology olympiads: Myths and Reality

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Many young students face difficulty when preparing for the International Biology Olympiad (IBO). So I will try to dispel some myths about the IBO and also provide some useful pieces of advice how to succeed. So let‘s get started: If you cram all Campbell Biology, you will win a gold medal. Definitely not true. I heard something about few guys …

My experience in the IBO

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  City centre, Singapore I was in the IBO twice representing Lithuania (a small country in Eastern Europe) in 2012 (Singapore) and 2013 (Switzerland) where both times I won a bronze medal. To be perfectly honest with you guys, it was the best experience I had ever had in my life. Singapore was one of the first countries that I …

What to read to succeed?

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Many of young avid students wonder what the best resources are out there to prepare for the IBO, USABO, etc. There is no single answer, however, I will try to outline the best books from my own personal experience. It is not a secret that the Bible of Biology is “Campbell Biology“. It is a good book and covers all fundamental …